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Organic electrolytes are a key ingredient in Lithium-ion-batteries (LiBs) but they also are their weak point because of instability at high charging ratios. Hence, there is an urgent need for much more stable organic electrolytes.

Our approach to better organic electrolytes is to prepare them from nature’s most stable carbon materials: Diamondoids, which are nanometer-sized, hydrogen terminated diamonds. Diamondoid ionic liquids are highly unusual as they are equipped with hitherto unmatched electrochemical and thermodynamic robustness. They also are unique in the sense that they can dissolve a large variety of metal salts and even some metals without degredation. Our first results, achieved in a collaboration between the group of Matthew A. Gebbie (University of Wisconsin-Madison) with the Peter R. Schreiner (Justus Liebig University), identify diamondoid ionic liquids are competent Li-ion conductor.

Fundamental research that can readily be translated into real-life applications in the energy transformation sector is going on between these two groups and we are very much interested in others to join!

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