Prof. Stefan Kolling's group

Stefan Kolling’s group at the THM’s Institute of Mechanics and Material Research is working on developing methodologies for the characterization and simulation of macroscopic material behavior under extreme mechanical load. The focus here is on the dynamic behavior of materials (particularly plastics and glass) under crash and impact.

For this we develop sophisticated material models to predict deformation, damage, and fracture. To validate the simulation models, tests are also carried out on components which come mainly from the automotive and aerospace industries.

In individual cases, complete components are also designed and manufactured. For instance, we are currently developing a protective helmet based on biology-inspired engineering. Hereby, the 3D printing of plastics and especially natural rubber bears great potential. Natural rubber is an ideal material for both strap closure mechanisms and head protection.
In other projects, we are working on pedestrian protection, especially head impact on windshields and the crash behavior of Li-ion batteries.

We are very much looking forward to further advancing these and similar scientific questions together and to opening up new application possibilities.

Field of research

  • Material characterization and modelling
  • Numerical simulation


  • Scientific exchange and discussion
  • Initiating research cooperation in the field of material characterization and modelling
  • Networking

Contact information

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Stefan Kolling


Institute of Mechanics and Material Research
Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences